Puppies Tips: How to educate your puppy well in their first months

Puppies Tips: How to educate your puppy well in their first months

Educate your puppy in the first months has much importance. Do not welcome your pet in your bed, eat your dog after you, do not let him ride you or take the initiative. You should always control your dog, or he will rebel or become aggressive. Let’s find together the below puppies tips that help you educate your puppies.

The Importance of Your Puppy's Education

The importance of not neglecting the first months of puppy and of laying the solid foundations of a relationship is based on the concept of dominant-dominated.
He has a strong sense of hierarchy instinctively; it belongs to a "pack" in which the roles are clearly established. He more surely finds his balance and his well-being in a logical position of "dominated" because it is up to you - as an owner - to assume the role of "pack leader" and "dominant."

If you allow doubt to settle in the mind of your dog on this dominant-dominated hierarchy, you take the risk of seeing in the future your companion rebel and become aggressive, even dangerous when you try the least initiative to 'authority. In dogs, the definitive acquisition of the concept of hierarchy takes place at the time of puberty. Hence the importance of making him adopt good habits from an early age.

Effective Tips To Properly Educate Your Puppy.

Don't welcome your dog in your bed.
The bed and, more generally, the bedroom are the central room of your house, which entirely belongs to you. Do not let your dog settle in and take it easy. Instead, put it in a basket in the corner of the room. We insist on this idea of ​​"corner of the room" because it is also important that your animal does not reign in a strategic passageway (corridor or entry), allowing to monitor the comings and goings of all the members of the family.

Do not favor your puppy's meal over yours.

A "dominant" eats before the other members of the pack; it is one of its main prerogatives. He has the upper hand over access to food, and the "dominated" must wait and be content with what he leaves them. So act according to these rules: do not give him his meal just before yours.
Make your puppy eat in an isolated place and in your absence. Do not hesitate to remove the bowl a quarter of an hour after giving it, even if it is not finished. Your puppy may sulk his food to try to impose on you another mode of functioning in which he would be the "dominant."

Don't let your puppy "ride" you.

If your male puppy catches your leg in a mating attitude, immediately and unambiguously refuse. In the dog's mind, only the "dominant" has the right to mate in front of the rest of the pack. Officially, reproduction is a domain reserved for the pack leader, other members being able to satisfy themselves sexually only.

Don't let your puppies take the initiative.

In puppies, it is the "dominant" who solicits the "dominated" for everything related to contacts, games, caresses, and hugs. And it is also he who decides when all these manifestations of sociability should stop. It is, therefore, up to you to initiate these contacts when you feel like it and to know how to repel your puppy if he wants to play when you are not prepared to do so. In these moments, be firm and send him to lie in his basket.


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